modelandum has created a simple and quick methodology to build the financial model of your company, project or business. It will be the best tool to help you in making operational and financial decisions of your business.


A company’s daily tasks are linked to a list of decisions based on complex financial analysis. Management, banks, investors and regulators need a tool to make decisions and support the financial department of the company.

The purpose of a financial model to represent reality, in the simplest possible way, without ceasing to be a realistic reflection of the situation of the company. Thereby, allowing companies to project future financial statements based on current and historical data.

We build models that can perform and quantify growth, or restructuring scenarios, in companies such as:

  • Investment projections, risks and opportunities
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Project Finance or concessions
  • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Management of mergers and acquisition (M & A) processes, joint ventures or strategic partnerships or commercial agreement
  • Management of the value of a business or investment fund
  • Budget models or Budget modeling

modelandum prepares an economic model based on spreadsheets of high reliability, consolidated, flexible and adapted to any company to be able to present the strategic objectives of 3 or 5 years.

The model has an executive summary of variables where the impacts of business scenarios based on historical and projected major financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow) with operating ratios, highlighting are as follows:

  • KPI & Business Variables (Prices, ARPU)
  • CapEx & OpEx
  • VAN, TIR or Valuation of the business
  • Debt and its components through:
    • Debt injection methods
    • Shareholder dilution analysis
    • Banking or debt coverage ratios and indicators

At modelandum we work with a team with high prestige and sector experience in financial models. modelandum will not only support the client with the process of implementing the plan but will also be in charge of adjusting to all the required updates as the business develops.