• modelandum is the first bilingual (Spanish and English) online financial modelling school.

  • modelandum is a financial modelling school that offers training and consultation to both students and professionals. The goal of Excel – based modelandum/financial modeling courses and Modex certification is to equip people with the advanced tools and knowledge necessary to create financial projections and make informed decisions, saving clients both time and costs.

  • modelandum is a highly specialized platform that offers students (University and Master’s students), professionals, and entrepreneurs the tools needed to construct financial models in Excel.


  • Founded in London in 2015.
  • modelandum was founded by Paula Gómez Medina during her extensive professional career in private equity and investment banking in London. The business moved to Spain in 2015, and, after a clear opportunity was identified, modelandum extended its financial modelling courses to students, professionals and corporate, and entrepreneurs. Companies increasingly demand a higher and higher financial modeling skill level, which is often only taught in a very general way at universities and business schools.


modelandum’s mission is to transmit financial knowledge and exceptional analytical capacities by helping:

  • Professionals advance their careers
  • Students increase their employability
  • Entrepreneurs manage their businesses

modelandum is a leading global provider of online financial modelling courses in Microsoft Excel for current and aspiring financial analysts. modelandum offers training and consultancy to implement advanced financial modeling tools for making decisions, offering great time and cost savings.

Our courses teach practical, analytical skills and offer templates and tools for your job search, career advancement, and business management. Training is complementary to all undergraduate, Masters, and MBA courses.

modelandum believes in transparency and flexibility in financial modelling. The classes function in a way that is straightforward and practical, permitting users to kick-start a successful career.


  • Trust
    We transmit confidence through consulting, closeness with our students, tutoring services, and content credibility.
  • Practical
    In our courses, we combine theory with practice: with exercises, integrated real world scenarios, and expert professionals.
  • Simple
    Courses that are well-designed and structured.
  • Professional
    Quality courses that equip people with analytical capabilities by providing superior content covering different sectors.