///Real Estate Basic

Real Estate Basic

This course focuses on the detailed modelling of the valuation of a portfolio of real estate assets from the financial point of view.





Mastering real estate financial models requires a solid understanding of basic financial principles (such as the time value of money, risk and return and different methods to calculate risk and return, various types of rates, including the interest rate and the discount rate, the capital structure, etc.) but also requires mastering the real estate concepts and the fundamental principles of Excel.

The course will help you combine these three pillars: finance, real estate and excel.

Our financial models course is designed to teach you how to build an Excel development model from scratch. Real estate professionals must know how to build dynamic models of cash flows to analyze investment opportunities.

They are specifically designed to adapt to changes in key assumptions, such as acquisition price of land, interest rates, construction materials, labor, absorption rates, sale prices, sales expenses, licenses and much more.

We will teach you the essential skills necessary to carry out a professional financial analysis of real estate through different asset classes and capital structures. The main skills include financial and investment analysis in real estate; property valuation methodologies; financial models for real estate; capital and debt instruments; analysis and valuation of rentals; financial models of construction and management phases; and sensitivity analysis.

Learning objectives:

  • Industry overview.
  • Know the basics of building a real estate financial investment model using Excel.
  • How to present and organize the data to analyze real estate investments more efficiently.
  • Calculate NPV, the capitalization rate and the net operating income (NOI).
  • Construction of an interactive financial model to evaluate the financial viability of a project.
  • Cash flow model for a real estate development project.
  • Develop and sensitivities to understand the exposure of a project to key drivers.
  • Build financial structures and property.
  • Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), the Return of Sales, the Return of Cost.

Enrique Santos

Enrique Santos is Associate at Incus Capital, a specialized credit firm based in Madrid that offers flexible credit solutions. Enrique joined Incus Capital in 2014. He previously worked at 3i as an analyst at Private Equity and at Viola & Company as an investment bank analyst. . Enrique has a double degree in Law and Business Administration in Cunef.


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Course contents

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Who is it for?

  • Owners of real estate, real estate professionals.
  • Advisors: investors of investment banks, analysts of the sector, etc.
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