///modex RE (Real Estate)

modex RE (Real Estate)

The modex RE® (modelling expert), is the first professional sector specific benchmarked certification in financial modelling. It is designed entirely by active investment professionals, with the main objective of creating a meaningful standard in the sector, and to offer successful candidates a competitive advantage.

The certification is well recognized by employers from reputed financial institutions. Upon consent of the successful candidate, their name will be entered into a public database for potential recruiters.





modex is an EFFAS accredited exam aimed at students or professionals looking for a financial modelling specific qualification. The modex is a challenging exam designed and marked entirely by professionals through a rigorous scoring system.

The successful candidate may obtain the EFFAS Diploma as:

  • A Certified Expert Financial Modeller (modex RE®)

The exam is in English and online or in person. You can done the remote sesión every Friday of each month.

Once the registration is complete you will receive an email with the dates of the online exam. You will have to report  by email to info@modelandum.com,two weeks in advance on the chosen Friday to do the exam.

There is only one opportunity to do the exam by modex® certification

If you prefer in person exam in Madrid, contact the dates sending an email to info@modelandum.com.

If you want to prepare for the exam and obtain professional certification as a modeling expert, you can sign up for our online courses that are ready to help you with the exam. (See training package in preparation for exam)

How is it?

1. Duration of the exam

The exam lasts approximately 2 hours.
It can be done in person exam in Madrid, check the in person sessions by sending an email to

The candidate must be prepared 15 minutes before the start of the test to check that all connections work correctly.

2. Exam structure

The exam is divided into 3 blocks:

  • Practical case (75% of the grade):modex RE:
      various Excel exercises and modeling, with a duration of 2 to 20 minutes per exercise.
  • Excel (10% of the grade): Excel always offers several options to obtain the same result; the best formula or tool for each case will be evaluated.
  • Structure (15% of the grade): the ability to design a structured and easy to understand model will be evaluated.

3. How to perform the exam?

The exam can be done in person session or remotely* (only available with Windows).

*Remote: to preserve the integrity of online certification the exam will be conducted in an environment under supervision.

The modex® exams are designed and marked entirely by professionals from each of the relevant sectors, through a rigorous scoring system to ensure that all the exams are accurate. The review panel agrees the marking system through a rigorous set of parameters, and the marking team strictly applies the criteria. The exams are also randomly selected for audit reviews to ensure consistency in the marking process.

How to prepare the exam?

To prepare and obtain the exam, there is no mandatory training or necessary prerequisites.

The candidate will be given sufficient financial information from which to build a model in Excel, and an accompanying set of questions, the answers to which will need to be obtained from their model’s output.
The modex unis® covers the following specific areas of knowledge:

  • Reasonable Excel knowledge
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow 
  • Margin and ratio analysis
  • Financial statements integration
  • Company valuation methods 
  • Discounted Cash Flow 
  • WACC
  • Free cash flow 
  • Modelling debt and equity
  • Percentage of completion.

However, if you want to prepare for the exam and obtain professional certification as a modeling expert, you can sign up for our online courses that are designed to help you with the exam.

For this certification we offer you this offer that includes :

  • Modelling Training Pack for modex RE®
    Financial Modelling + REAL Estate Residential Advance + modex RE® certification

How it for?

Analysts and managers dedicated to corporate and underwriting processes of real estate portfolios. Real estate investment funds, real estate consultants, Big Four or any player in the market interested in valuing a portfolio of assets.

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