//Advanced Business Plan (ENG)

Advanced Business Plan (ENG)

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Learn even more about Business Plan. In this course you will learn about the different aspects of the previous course. Borja Camblor is a great expert on the subject, and will explain to you, the characteristics of this course with a practical approach.


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The Business Financial Plan is essential in the creation of a business. It will help to understand how useful a Business Plan is as it will help you to better understand the business and is a fundamental tool for managing the business, asking investors for funds, or controlling / budgeting expenses, analyzing financial profitability but especially to make the right strategic decisions.

This course will provide students and professionals with solid Excel skills and the ability to prepare a detailed operational financial model. The complete model will include the projection of the P & G account, the balance and the cash flow that will illustrate answers to relevant business problems.


  • How to start and build a business plan
  • What is financial modelLing, why do we care and how is it used in real life in roles such as investment banking?
  • How to understand historical financial profitability or start a business from scratch
  • How to project the model of 3 financial statements and create a model with the best practices in excel
  • The key financial concepts: Income, EBITDA, Equities, ROI, ROIC, IRR
  • Sensitivity analysis and graphics to present

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Borja Camblor

Borja Camblor holds a degree in Law and Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

He has developed his professional career in consulting at McKinsey & Company and previously worked in investment banking at Bank of America – Merrill Lynch. Lately he has been developing an entrepreneurial project.


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Online course program Business Plan Advanced

This course consists of 24 online lessons based on video tutorials with a total duration of almost three hours. In addition, study and reference material is included with excel files to practice and files with solutions.


Modelling best practices

  • Model imputs
  • Model procesing: Structuring your business plan in a clear and logical way
  • Model outputs
  • Monthly proyections and calendarization
  • International Business
  • Protecting Your Work
  • Introduction to Macros and VBA


Forecasting statements and balance sheet items

  • Revenue and expenses Projections
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Drivers
  • CapEx and Depreciation Assumptions
  • Linking the Statements
  • Revenue, EBITDA, Equity, ROI, ROIC, IRR
  • Debt Schedule

Building a free cash flow forecast

  • Cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities
  • Forecasting FCF to the firm


  • Revolver & Cash
  • Dealing with Circul
  • Integrity Checking & Balancing the Mo
  • Sensivity Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Financial Statements Consolidation
  • CapEx, Depreciation and Leasing Projections
  • Other Balalance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Items
  • Repayments and Borrowings
  • Interest
  • Share Issuances, Repurchases & Dividends
  • PP&E Schedule


Modeling free cash flows

  • Discouting the cash flows
  • Deriving the cost of debt
  • Derive the cost of equity
  • Estimating WACC
  • beta

Estimating terminal value

  • Perpetuity approach
  • EBITDA multiple approach
  • Common pitfalls
  • From enterprise value to equity

Sensitivity analysis


Who is this online course for?

This course is ideal for professionals in the sector who want to understand in depth how a Business Plan works, as well as for entrepreneurs who have an interest in creating their own startup and analyzing their business plan.

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