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Financial modeling test

Today, we would like to talk about taking a financial modeling test, whether you are a candidate or a recruiter.

Financial modeling is an essential skill for those working on investment projects or advisory roles in areas such as private equity, M&A, real estate, project finance, or venture capital.

It is increasingly common for the key players in this sector to require job applicants to have proficiency in financial modeling as part of their skill-set. This demand is for the simple reason that a significant portion of their day-to-day role involves the design, construction, and handling of these financial models. As a result, firms often include a financial modeling test as part of their selection process.

Financial modeling is not so hard, but it can be tricky. To do well in a financial modeling test you need to have a reasonable command of excel, accounting, finance, attention to details, and design :) (yes, presentation is necessary). Still, most importantly, you need to practice because of the time constraint to complete a financial modeling test.

A financial model is a combination of blocks of simple calculations which are then interrelated to create a set of financial statements and understand the outputs.

Once you understand all of these blocks, you will have no problem tackling a financial modeling test in any sector or transaction.

Our financial modeling tests will not only help you to prepare for an interview, but they will also strengthen your knowledge in finance and skills for the job.

In which sectors are your more likely to encounter a financial modeling test?

Based on our experience at modelandum, the sectors which typically demand highly skilled candidates and therefore ask for a financial modeling test are private equity, M&A, real estate, project finance, or venture capital.

Our team of active professionals from each of the relevant sectors, design and mark the financial modeling tests through a rigorous scoring system to ensure that all the exams are fair and accurate.

EFFAS certifies our financial modeling tests, and allow you to show actual evidence of your knowledge and skills in financial modeling in comparison with the performance of your peers in the dataset. The comparison is compelling because the top performers obtain a tangible head start in a highly competitive industry, and the least successful candidates can quantify the areas where there is room for improvement.

Who is using our financial modeling tests?

Our financial modeling test is widely used by:


investment advisory teams, headhunters, and human resource departments, because we offer an important benchmark on the financial modeling skills of a prospective candidate as part of a much broader database.

We maintain a live database that offers the professional teams with a source of financial modeling skilled candidates (upon your previous consent, of course) presenting essential savings in time and resources.

Job seekers:

Students and professionals either interested or already working in the investment sector.