//Renewable Energy (Eng)

Renewable Energy (Eng)

This course of financial modeling for renewable energy projects, aims to provide attendees with the basic tools that the market will require them to analyze investment projects in renewable energy.





This course of financial modelling for renewable energy projects, aims to provide attendees with the basic tools that the market will require them to analyze investment projects in renewable energy, providing them with sufficient technical and financial knowledge to respond to a investment opportunity in these technologies, both in projects that are developed from scratch (greenfield investment) and those that are presented in the form of corporate operation.


Our intention is that at the end of this course you can:

  • Understand the key terms and definitions of the renewable energy industry
  • Knowing Introduce the key hypotheses in a financial model
  • Prepare the three financial statements (profit and loss account, balance, cashflow)
  • Perform cash flow discount and business DCF valuation

In the course we will include financial model templates that you can download for your own use. Each business is unique and you can adjust the design, but the important thing is that you have acquired the necessary modeling skills to work on any business.

Javier González

Javier González has more than 10 years of experience in the renewable energy sector in companies such as INGEMAS, TSK, OPDE and BFC. Javier has performed functions of corporate development, M & A and controlling. He previously began his career in auditing at Deloitte and as a consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank. He has a degree in Business Administration and Economics.


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Program of the online Renewable Energy Course

Introductory Section

The classes in this section represent a general introduction to the topic of renewable energies.

  • Class: Introduction
  • Class: Course Index
  • Class: Renewable energy sources – Photovoltaic Energy
  • Class: Renewable energy sources – Photovoltaic modules
  • Class: Renewable energy sources – Electric power generation
  • Class: Renewable energy sources – Solar thermal energy
  • Class: Renewable energy sources – Wind power

Introduction section to the business model

  • Class: Business cycle I
  • Class: Business cycle II
  • Class: Construction of the model
  • Class: Different strategies
  • Class: Basic information model I
  • Class: Basic information model II
  • Class: Basic information model III
  • Class: Basic Information Model IV
  • Class: Time horizon

Business KPIs section

  • Class: Electricity production I
  • Class: Electricity production II
  • Class: Production of electricity III
  • Class: Production of electricity IV
  • Class: Investment capital expenditure I
  • Class: Investment capital expenditure II
  • Class: Pricing and retribution I
  • Class: Pricing and retribution II
  • Class: Pricing and retribution III
  • Class: Pricing and retribution IV
  • Class: Pricing and remuneration V
  • Class: Pricing and compensation VI
  • Class: Pricing and retribution VII
  • Class: Pricing and remuneration VIII
  • Class: Pricing and retribution IX
  • Class: Pricing and compensation X
  • Class: Pricing and compensation XI

Analysis and modeling section

  • Class: Opex I
  • Class: Opex II
  • Class: Earnings and losses I
  • Class: Earnings and losses II
  • Class: Earnings and losses III
  • Class: Financial conditions I
  • Class: Financial conditions II
  • Class: Financial conditions III
  • Class: Financial conditions IV
  • Class: Financial conditions V
  • Class: Financial conditions VI
  • Class: Financial conditions VII
  • Class: Returns I
  • Class: Returns II
  • Class: Returns III
  • Class: M&A
  • Class: M&A

Reference material with examples for practices and models with solutions.

Who is this online course for?

This course is aimed primarily at students and professionals who want to start in the knowledge of renewable energy, technology, regulation, investment analysis, and the valuation of projects.

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